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Sunday Fiber Facts-Angora Goats

Happy Sunday Fiber Facts!!!

Today as promised is about Angora goats. I know the rabbits are more commonly known. But this old Ottoman breed has a special place in my heart, I mean look at those curls!!!

Angora goats, also known as Turkish goats are where we get the the illustrious mohair fiber from. They were introduced to the United States as a gift from Sultan Abdulmecid in 1849, and most flocks were wiped out during the Cilvil War. Any remaining flocks were then moved to Texas where they’ve thrived since. Texas is currently the number one producer of mohair in the US, and third globally.

Angora goats are generally smaller than most domesticated breeds, and both males and females are horned with long droopy ears. Their fleece generally grows one inch per month and are shorn twice yearly. They are strong hardy animals and do well in most climates, even when grazing is minimal. I know, I know, drop everything and go get one!!

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